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Friday, 2014-08-01
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FuSa screenShoot! v1.1
[ Download from this server (11.5Kb) ] 2008-07-27, 4:35 PM
This PRX will be useful if you wanna take a screenshot.
What's the difference comparing with other plugins?
- This plugin takes picture of "real screen", so you can use it with FuSa (instead of "grab vram"+RVV)

At any rate it's a neat plugin to take a screenshot ^^

-You can assign your own button or buttons combo with help of ConfiguratoR (Win32 version included in this package)
-You can adjust your own PATH to save scrshts
-Picture will be saved in the "PICTURE" folder

If configurator's window is blank you can try Alternative ConfiguratoR (without XP themes support)

Category: PSP soft | Added by: Andy_maN
Views: 15039 | Downloads: 8005 | Comments: 36 | Rating: 4.5/2 |
Total comments: 351 2 3 4 »
35 Oleg   (2014-02-04 3:36 AM)
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34 Alexandr   (2013-10-17 12:44 PM)
(Personal Computers) I purchased this item becsuae of price. They (amazon) list two of the Sony cards in this size and I purchased the less expensive one thinking they were the same. Later I notice the two cards had different letters at the end. This one is A and the other is G. I couldn't find much difference in the description and have been meaning to call Sony to find out what the difference is. Evidently I haven't done this yet but will tell you when I find out. This card seems to work just fine though. Later. I called Sony and asked them what the difference was between the MSHX32A which amazon sells for $111 and the MSHX32G which sells for $193 on amazon's site. They said the one that ends in G is Transfer Jet compatible. He said that what that means is that the G card can transfer data wirelessly to other peripherals that are also Transfer Jet compatible. I've never heard of Transfer Jet and since I don't have anything that is Transfer Jet I guess I saved $80.

33 Tandean   (2011-08-25 4:41 PM)
it doesnt work to my PSP

32 Unkown   (2011-01-11 9:50 PM)
Configuring your own button combination does not work.

31 anon   (2010-09-13 8:03 PM)
You're pretty stupid for a linux user.
Use unrar or peazip or perhaps use wine and download winrar/7zip or whatever else.

30 sugar   (2010-09-05 2:39 PM)
my configurato doesn't run

29 stoka   (2010-03-15 1:29 PM)
i cofig note but 1st screen must take "select,+" then note works

28 dave   (2010-02-10 11:58 AM)
can u download strait to psp ... if u cant can you put instructions for usb (psp to mac) ... do u save into psp:common

27 MrDark   (2009-11-27 9:30 PM)
Hi im a linux user i was wondering if anyone could help me by sending me this in a ZIP format instead ide really appreciate it PM for my contact information yahoo,aim,email ect

26 Tanner   (2009-09-21 3:07 AM)
Is this plugin compatible with 5.50 GEN-B? I keep trying to make it work, even after altering the configuration for the Screenshot plug in but nothing works.

And the configurator loads fine. And even saves the config file. I copy and paste it, but nothing works. And I did enable the PRX file.

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