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Thursday, 2014-04-24
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FuSa GamePad Version 0.3
[ Download from this server (74.0Kb) ] 2010-01-03, 6:23 PM

FuSa G@mePad allows you to use your psp as usual GamePad

Main features:

  • Plug'n'Play
  • Does not requires any drivers
  • 4-Axises (w switcher) 
  • 8-directional POV
  • 12 Buttons
  • Led indicating
  • Adjustable configuration (via config.ini)
  • Deadzone support
  • Digital/Analog modes
  • No conflicts with drivers (No more "PSP type D" - now it's "FuSa GamePad")
  • Very easy in use (but find a time to read the readme.txt)

Compatible with every PSP wich can run in KERNEL 5.00 (that's mean you must put it to GAME 5XX folder on PHAT PSP) (SLIM, PHAT, 3K)

Tested with 5.0 M33-6
(OS: WinXP,Vista,MacOs,*nix)

Category: PSP soft | Added by: Andy_maN
Views: 102704 | Downloads: 82192 | Comments: 129 | Rating: 4.6/79 |
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127 Moollek   (2014-04-14 1:15 AM)
Good Jobs,

126 FFaddict   (2014-03-15 9:22 PM)
SAVIOR!! We were missing a controller when a controller suddenly lost functionality right before a Diablo III game night ^^

^for fixing most of the buttons. Didn't experience most of the others' complaints (O/X switching, etc.)... Only the following:

*Couldn't get the PS Button to work. (But the other controllers helped mitigate problems)
*No right analog stick equivalent (meaning no dodge rolling -_-)

Still had fun with my friends though... Thank you!

125 Silithas   (2014-01-25 10:00 PM)
Thank you so much! :D

It's a little laggy and x & o is switched, but that doesnt bother me as long as i can use my psp as a ps3 remote while i use the ps3 controller for my phone :P

124 Kayel   (2014-01-25 8:53 PM)

123 speedy   (2013-08-08 5:17 AM)
how do i download this

122 victor   (2013-08-08 5:16 AM)
this seems great

121 juanye   (2013-07-10 9:05 AM)
How do I download.it .?

120 Snow   (2013-06-28 2:50 PM)
Also: If it says the program is corrupt, you're a fucking idiot and don't have CFW installed.

Google it, install it, have fun.

119 Snow   (2013-06-28 2:50 PM)
I've tried numerous times with severel computers and this plugin will not work.

I am running M3 5.33 CFW and have looked everywhere on the website. Is the problem my CFW, my cable im using, the program or my computer?

I probably wont even get a reply.

118 kid   (2013-03-31 6:12 PM)
i downloaded it and now it says the game cannnot be started the data is corrupted plz help me

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