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Forum » FuSa Forum » GENERAL QUESTIONS » F (Sorry guys but I still can't understand it. Please guide me)
1p0Date: Monday, 2009-05-11, 5:15 AM | Message # 1
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Okay let's settle this:
My PSP is CFW 5.00 M33-6
I have 24_FuSa_SD_1.0.48b
I have the Popsloader that works for my current FW.
I have a Component AV Cable (But my TV cannot do Progressive Scanning, so basically I bought the wrong type of cables)
BUT according to your main screen, I need not to worry
(- It allows you to play games on ANY TV over ANY cable.
( composite, component, svideo, d-terminal )
All kinds of cables are supported! )

Anyways, this is what I am trying to do:
- I want to play my PSX games on my PSP, but some games require POPSLOADER to function. I read some of the threads in General Questions, but sorry I cannot understand because I am new to the PSP. From what I read, I need to copy the "ms0:/seplugins/FuSa_SD.prx 1" into the pops.txt, and I have. Unfortunately, that's all I can really understand from the other threads.

-So if anyone is capable of fixing this problem, or clearly telling me the steps, please reply. Also for those with the same problem, please don't repost your problems here because it might annoy those who actually know what to do.

PS Can someone direct me to the thread where I can learn to use FuSa?

Thank you guys, Much Appreciated


PitQuicKerDate: Monday, 2009-05-11, 6:56 AM | Message # 2
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to your concern of the POPSLOADER....that would be correct, but since OFW 5.00 was released, you do not need to have FuSa to play PSX games......that's settled:)
to your concern of cables.... all cables ARE supported, but if you have component cables and a tv that DOESN'T support progressive scan, you'll only be able to play in b&w....(plug the green component cable into your [yellow] video input on your tv and select "interlace" under your "connected display" in settings)
if you still have problems.... then..... wait for somebody else to reply

hope this helped

and there she was
Forum » FuSa Forum » GENERAL QUESTIONS » F (Sorry guys but I still can't understand it. Please guide me)
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