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FuSa GamePad :: Add more functionality for your PSP! :: v0.2
2:44 AM

Alright if you dreamed to turn your PSP into USB Gamepad, the time has come :)
With help of new tiny application from -=FuSa TeaM=-


It's very easy now, just launch FuSa GAMEPAD and attach usb cable - and that's all!
No drivers are required!

After you've connected your OS will recognize PSP as GAMEPAD with 4 Axises,  POV and 12 buttons.


Control Panel > Game Controllers

and properties

Compatible with both SLIM and PHAT and wait... 3K too :)

Tested with 5.0 M33-6, 5.50 GEN-A (but may work on 3.80+)

Tested OSes:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS X Leopard
  • Windows 7
  • Linux*



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132 djno   (2014-09-10 12:03 PM)
can you provide menu to reverse function between POV and XY axis, because my game doesnt detect POV button.

131 Horoscope skynet   (2014-03-03 11:37 PM)
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130 swami   (2012-04-16 11:47 AM)
It really works !!!!!!!!!!!!

129 gab   (2011-03-06 0:28 AM)
please launch one for the psp 6.31pro

128 gab   (2011-03-06 0:27 AM)
podrias sacar uno para la psp 6.31pro

127 Rej   (2010-11-29 7:37 PM)

126 Filip   (2010-10-09 4:02 PM)
is there a way to turn the analog stick off?
mine is broken.

125 allesklaa   (2010-09-17 5:17 PM)
don´t work on 5.50gen-d

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