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+ and - won't work for me either
PhilomorphDate: Wednesday, 2009-05-06, 6:25 AM | Message # 1
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I've had my slim modded for awhile, but I haven't tried any plugins before now. FuSa was the first I tried, and I can't get it working. Since then, I've added a few others and they do work, so I know I'm on the right track at least.

I have cfw 5.00M33-6. I installed FuSa by copying the seplugins folder to my mem stick's root folder and enabling it in the FW BIOS.

I ran a couple games, retail and homebrew, but the FuSa menu will not come up for me when I hold down -+

Then I installed the latest version of the "Hold" plugin, and a screenshot plugin. They both work perfectly. But FuSa refuses to come up.

I can view the XBR and video on my TV fine via my Component cable.

Any suggestions?

PitQuicKerDate: Wednesday, 2009-05-06, 6:51 AM | Message # 2
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one, make sure you have a FuSa build that supports that FW....Most all builds do(i have the exact same firmware, and b48 works like da shit)
two. make sure everything is in order in your mso:/seplugins/game.txt
if you still have problems, try making a new seplugins folder with new game.txt and same plugins
hope this helped

Added (2009-05-06, 6:51 Am)
let me be more should have this in your game.txt file:

ms0:/seplugins/FuSa_SD.prx 0
what you might have been doing is activating for the VSH(XMB) which, obviously wouldn't work for games

and there she was

Message edited by PitQuicKer - Wednesday, 2009-05-06, 10:32 PM
keeponjamminDate: Wednesday, 2009-05-06, 3:17 PM | Message # 3
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let me make that more clear (no offence pitQuicKer)
In the root of your memory stick there should be a folder called seplugins.
Inside this folder, there should be at least this:
a game.txt file with the text: ms0:/seplugins/FuSa_SD.prx 1
make sure the is a 1 after it!!!
There should also be a file calles FuSa_SD.prx inside the seplugins folder.
Now it should work.
Also make sure you have 5.00 M33 smile
Forum » FuSa Forum » GENERAL QUESTIONS » + and - won't work for me either
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