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Welcome to FuSa's official website :P

As you know, sony doesn't allow to use interlaced mode while playing games.
It's mean, that all users of SDTV (standard definition TV) aren't able to play their favourite games on TV screen sad
But even if your TV supports progressive scan (aka HDTV), the picture will be not fullscreen.

This's holy sh*t! Let's get rid of this f*ckin limitations with FuSa!

So what does FuSa do?
- It allows you to play games on ANY TV over ANY cable.
( composite, component, svideo, d-terminal )
All kinds of cables are supported!
Besides that, it allows you to play on full screen area!

So, here you can:
- Find latest news about FuSa plugin
- Get some info about it
- Download the latest and previous versions of FuSa
- Ask any question about it ( Forum )
- Beta-testers can leave their reports ( Forum )
and maybe something else smile

Perhaps a simpliest way to turn your psp into a powerful PC gamepad (and yes PS3 too).
  • Just launch this tiny homebrew
  • Connect your psp via USB cable to PC (PS3)
  • And you are ready to go :)


  • Updated driver core
  • Adjustable configuration (via config.ini)
  • Led indicating
  • Digital/Analog modes
  • Deadzone support
  • No conflicts with drivers (No more "PSP type D" - now it's "FuSa GamePad")


... Read more »
Views: 230617 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2010-01-03 | Comments (71)

{for russian people only}

Мы рады сообщить вам об открытии русского сайта FuSa!

Вначале хотелось бы поблагодарить Allegas (он же Surge) за любезно предоствленный домен, а также неоценимую помощь в создании сайта.

Возможно вы заметили, что на английской версии сайта (теперь именуемой как INTERNATIONAL) появились два флага.
Чтож теперь вы знаете зачем это было сделано :)

Вместе с появлением сайта мы решили сделать пару подарков для НАШИХ.

Идём смотреть и забирать наши подарки?

Views: 27770 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-06-18 | Comments (10)

Alright if you dreamed to turn your PSP into USB Gamepad, the time has come :)
With help of new tiny application from -=FuSa TeaM=-


It's very easy now, just launch FuSa GAMEPAD and attach usb cable - and that's all!
No drivers are required! ... Read more »

Views: 90163 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-06-08 | Comments (130)



All right here we are. So this is release of new build number 50.
You probably already know that it's main feature is fullspeed gameplay with fullscreen image.
Well, I will not tell you how we've made that, because I already told about it in previous news entry.
Instead I'll tell you about all new features wich B50 provides to you.

New features

  • New SpeedboosteR
    If you used previous version of FuSa plugin you must remember that there was ... Read more »
Views: 84249 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-05-31 | Comments (98)


Good news for all FuSa SD users. No more "slow motion" that's upcoming build is all about.  Well, in plain words, games like Tekken DR, Bleach and so on, which  have been unplayable recently now runs with full speed!

This is result of my work with reverse engeneering irshell app. You know, the author of that app didn't ever send me a single message, when I ask for help. But some free time + disassembler helps a lot :)

Now about changes:

  • There won't be SpeeDBoosteR option anymore, because it's turned on by default, and now it's compatible with *all games!
  • Main engine was optimized (more then a half of source ... Read more »
Views: 18092 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-05-03 | Comments (27)

It was very difficult but tried to choose true winners. 
Hope you are agree with me. 
The winners can PM me about their prizes ;) 

BARIK gets 1st place - access to unpublick section 
Sux gets 2nd place - any 2 plugins from unpublick section 
DrWho198 gets 3d place - any plugin from unpublick section 

I also want to say thanx for these guys for taking part in the contest: 

Views: 10902 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-04-28 | Comments (2)

В особом представлении не нуждается :)

Идём и качаем
Views: 30543 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-01-21 | Comments (7)

Here is some news about new GfX-Filter
It isn't completed yet, but it produces nice picture
You can compare FS2 and FS4 - GfX-Filter

Current FS2 (which was added since build 45)

It uses a lot of CPU power and picture is, as you can see, a little but chopped

Now compare with FS4 w GfX-Filter (hardware!)

Well... :D
It almost don't use CPU, everything is doing by GPU
And the picture is smooth enough

It's the thing I'm currently working on :) hope I won't fail
So if I succeed with it, we'll got new amazing FS
Betatesters, be ready ;)

P.S.: Comments are welcome
Views: 12998 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-01-11 | Comments (35)

Данное меню пропатчено и поддерживает кириллицу.

Пара скриншотов:


Несколько замечаний по поводу VSH меню:
Пункты Show all и Uncategorized - не случайно не были переведены.
Если их перевести или просто изменить, то VSH меню работает не коректно
Я не вникал в то, как интегрирован плагин Game Categories, так что оставил эти строки как есть.
Если вы заметите разницу в работе переведеного и оригинального VSH меню, то можете оставить коментарий прямо здесь.
-Recovery меню работает на 100%, как оригинальное

Внутри архива вы найдёте традиционный инсталлятор :)
При размещении данного файла на других ресурсах,  проявляйте уважение к авторам - указывайте источник
Views: 10467 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2009-01-03 | Comments (10)

- Only for russian speaking people -

Очередное обновление от M33 переведено на могучий Русский язык :)
Views: 8541 | Added by: Andy_maN | Date: 2008-12-07 | Comments (13)

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