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Now when 5.0 M33 came out, you needn't use FuSa to play PS1 games on your TV
Added by: Lee wood

  • Make sure are running on custom firmware
  • Copy FUSAGAMEPAD folder into GAMEXXX folder (where XXX means your fw version)
  • If you are running on PSP1000 (aka phat) make sure you have choosen newer kernel mode (f.e. kernel 5.xx for fw 5.00 - cuz it will not work with 1.50 kernel)
  • Programm was designed for 5.00 M33 (however it should work on 3.80 and newer fw)
Added by: billy fite

  • 3.80 M33 CFW or newer
  • FuSa package

If you don't have SEPLUGINS folder in your MemoryStick's root - Create it now
Copy FuSa.prx from archive into your SEPLUGINS folder
Copy game.txt from archive into your SEPLUGINS folder ( if you've got others plug-ins installed, then don't copy it - just add this line ms0:/seplugins/FuSa.prx to existing game.txt file )
Enable FuSa.prx in RECOVERY menu (Switch off your psp, then holding R-TRIGGER switch it on. Select Plugins and then enable FuSa.prx. Exit recovery. )

Load some game, wait untill it fully loads.
Hold + and - volume buttons to activate FuSa's menu

If menu doesn't pop-up:
Remove your SEPLUGINS folder and create it again, then repeat installation process.

To show you how to use it we will try FuSa_1.0.45 with GTA: VSC.

Let's start.
This game need 333MHz.
First of all you need to load the game smile

Wait untill it fully loads

When you are there you can launch FuSa.

Enter HOME screen.
Remove cable and then activate FuSa by holding (-) & (+) volume buttons.
Insert cable and then switch to TV by pressing vol. (-) & R-TRIGGER

Now you can play it on TV's screen, but it's too slow sad
So you need setup priority n FPS.
At first you should setup priority.
Enter FuSa's menu n choose priority setting.
Hold R-TRIGGER to increase scroll speed (10x), now press RIGHT one time - priority will be changed to 86%. Now release R-TRIGGER and press LEFT three times - priority will be changed to 83%
83% is optimal priority value for GTA: VCS n FuSa_1.0.45.

1) Set maximal priority to 99%.
2) Check if the sound stammers.
3) if the sound stammers - decrease priority and return to action 2)
If sound doesn't stammer - congratulation, you've found OPTIMAL PRIORITY VALUE smile

OK, now when you've done with priority let's skip to FPS.
Enter FuSa's menu n choose FPS setting. Now increase its value untill game will run fine.

When you reach some value's range, the game will not react to FPS setting - this is optimal fps value.

For GTA VCS it's 20-30 FPS (26f is optimal)
Now we've done, enjoy the game and don't forget to save optimal values somewhere (for example in your head :D)

Switch to PSP's screen before exiting to the XMB by pressing vol. (-) & R-TRIGGER

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