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FuSa v1.0.47b for CFW 5.0
[ Download from this server (116.2 Kb) ] 2008-10-18, 11:31 PM
  • New hotkey (Disable\Enable plug-in)
  • Configuration file
  • Adjustable hotkeys
  • Adjustable screen position
  • No more "grab vram" option (use FuSa ScreenShoot! instead of it)
  • SpeeDBoosteR for PSOne games was deleted
Package contains following languages:

CFW: 3.80M33 and newer (including 5.00M33)
Category: FuSa | Added by: OldPrisoneR
Views: 16250 | Downloads: 10555 | Comments: 31 | Rating: 4.8/4 |
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29 qwikrazor87  
How is the plugin supposed to be enabled, there's no instructions on how to start it. I have the cable and I installed the files in the right places, just don't know how to start the plugin.

28 jeo  
i copied the file to Seplugins but when i go to recov menu.. theres no FUSA?? so what should i do know.. i have posp 2000 and 5.00m33-6

27 Marc1k1  
Personally I cant get it to work, But screw all you ass-wholes bad mouthing FuSa, They seem to be working there hardest to get this working for everyone.

So before you go shouting your head off at FuSa learn how to use the damn software.

(For anybody confused on where to put the files they give you, just put the files they give you into your seplugins folder, then fully turn your psp off (hold the turn off thingy untill everything goes off then hold R trigger whilst turning it on you will into recovery menu, now go to "plugins" and go down to FuSa and enable it by clicking on it, exit and its done!)

thats how you install it.

26 Pwnzerfaust  
I dont really get the installing? I just put the prx in seplugins and insert the text into game.txt . I cant start a game, why is this?

25 rouienzky  
hey guys i need your help how to install dis??
this is my first tym??

24 Roger Ramjet  
So the TXT files says put it into the seplugins folder, and that's it, so it should work once I put it in the seplugins folder right? It didnt say do anything else, and of course only an idiot would release plugins with no instructions that require instructions to get it to work. One person even said "read the PDF" when there are no PDF's attached to this post, LOL. So clearly these plugins do not work, and anyone saying they do are lying, simply because the author would have included instructions on how to use the plugins. They dont just activate and use the "hotkey" on their own now do they? Get smart people and release instructions on how to use your plugins!!!! I've wasted over $100 on different cables, so I know its not the cables, it simply lack of providing instructions on how to use your plugins.. At the end of they day, McDonalds is always hiring so i'm sure you wont become complete fuckups.

23 animal ka  
ei..just want to know if it works on CFW 3.90 m33-5?

22 dickazz  
fuck all the fusa maker fuck u !! sun of a dumb

21 dickazz  
fuck, when i use this plugin my game was so slow fuck this fuck fuck fuck dickheadead

20 ShadoWolF XF  
I'd like to point something out about this release:
Removing the Pops compatibility was not a smart move. Yes, $ony did add support for full screen composite output on PSPs, BUT this has no effect on games using Popsloader. I have a few games on my PSP that can't run on 5.00 pops, and without that, I can't do Composite out.
I recommend you fix this or point out something I may be missing here.

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