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[ Download from this server (62.0 Kb) ] 2009-06-08, 2:24 AM


FuSa GamePad allows you to use your psp as usual GamePad

Main features:

  • Plug'n'Play
  • Does not requires any drivers
  • Very easy in use

Compatible with both SLIM and PHAT

Tested with 5.0 M33-6
(OS: WinXP,Vista,MacOs)

Category: PSP soft | Added by: Andy_maN
Views: 20430 | Downloads: 7396 | Comments: 27 | Rating: 3.2/6 |
Total comments: 271 2 3 »
27 bob  
it says

"the game is corupted it cannot start

26 DainoManthis  
Hello, I have a little problem. I want to use Fusa Gamepad on an Android Tablet.
The version 0.2 and 0.3 doesn't works, it gives flashing bits on the configuration input. This version, 0.1 works but it responds a little slow (in the pc too..), it would be great to have a version with the driver of fusa v0.1 (that works on android) with better respond to the input. Is there a way to put together the two things? (the quality of v0.3 and the driver of 0.1?)

25 aaron  
es bueno

24 aaron  

23 Fausto Gonzalez  
It doesn't work with 6.20 TN-B HEN...

22 yadoui  
jou wa ka ler

21 lw_torrecilla  
Hi, this is great and it works perfect. You can connect it to the PS3 system but it have the buttons switched. Can you remap them? would be great to use it on ps3 perfect.

20 lainlives  
It works very slow when you got alot of plugins enabled, or enable options that use alot of ram, so disable all plugins and that -should- fix it, fixed it for me (buttons only registered when pressing home)

19 peter  
3.71m33 system error :dirver was not loaded

18 chaotictails  
Hey FuSa, this works on PS3, but the buttons are switched around (Circle is X, X is Square, Square is Circle, but all the others are correct.) Do you think that you could release a modified version that fixes this, or a version that lets you configure controls? Thanks.

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