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FuSa GamePad Version 0.3
[ Download from this server (74.0 Kb) ] 2010-01-03, 6:23 PM

FuSa G@mePad allows you to use your psp as usual GamePad

Main features:

  • Plug'n'Play
  • Does not requires any drivers
  • 4-Axises (w switcher) 
  • 8-directional POV
  • 12 Buttons
  • Led indicating
  • Adjustable configuration (via config.ini)
  • Deadzone support
  • Digital/Analog modes
  • No conflicts with drivers (No more "PSP type D" - now it's "FuSa GamePad")
  • Very easy in use (but find a time to read the readme.txt)

Compatible with every PSP wich can run in KERNEL 5.00 (that's mean you must put it to GAME 5XX folder on PHAT PSP) (SLIM, PHAT, 3K)

Tested with 5.0 M33-6
(OS: WinXP,Vista,MacOs,*nix)

Category: PSP soft | Added by: Andy_maN
Views: 172712 | Downloads: 132338 | Comments: 143 | Rating: 4.6/109 |
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142 giovanex256  
Hello, I want to change the buttons, so that "SCREEN" is "L3", or in "Config.ini" it would be "Button11", and "Note" is either "R3" or "Config. Ini "would be the" Button 12 ". When I change, "SCREEN" is not pressed, and "+" Presses the "Button 8" And "Button11". Can you fix this problem?

Olá, eu quero mudar os botões, de forma que o "SCREEN" seja o "L3", ou  no "Config.ini" seria o "Button11", e o "Note" seja o "R3", ou no "Config.ini" seria o "Button 12". Quando eu altero, "SCREEN" não é pressionado, e "+" Pressiona o "Button 8" And "Button11".  Vocês podem consertar esse problema?

Thanks  /  Obrigado

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141 582652505  
hello my psp go(psp n1000) to win 7 always shows "conninting",and iwant to know how to solve this proublem,my psp go is 6.35 pro systerm.

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139 abhoy  

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138 praveen  
hey for whom this game pad is not working they have to first install psp cfw

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137 praveen  
hello my pspe100 i have connected my psp to win8 lappy and it is not working please iwant a solution my psp cfw is 6.60 pro b10

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140 akashanime  
Use PRO C2 CFW for PSP e1000

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136 miguel  
me gustaria este programa D:

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135 miguel  
programa para mi psp

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134 miguel  
me gustaria tener este programa

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133 hamza  

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132 nathan  
file is corrupted

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