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FuSa v1.0.50b :: compatibility list (35 entries)
This is the work of the following betatesters:
Marsi4eg (35)

Speedbooster has been left in the past - so no more "SpB" column here!

These games work fine                                                                                                                              
Rock Band Unplugged10603335.00-6Perfect
Patapon 210763335.00-6Perfect
WipeOut Pulse30603335.00-6Perfect
Flow30603335.00-6Near perfect
Resistanse: Retribution30603335.00-6Perfect
Test Drive Unlimited30603335.00-6Perfect
NFS Undercover30603335.00-6Very good
God of War CoO10563335.00-6Perfect
Luxor The Wrath of Set10762225.00-6Awesome
FlatOut Head On10763335.00-6Almost perfect
EA Replay10662225.00-6Awesome
Luxor Pharaoh's Challenge60762225.00-6Awesome
Need for Speed Shift60663335.00-6Perfect
DiRT 260663335.00-6Perfect
ИЛ-2 Штурмовик: Крылатые хищники60663335.00-6Perfect
Gran Turismo60763335.00-6Almost perfect
GTA: Chinatown Wars10663335.00-6Perfect
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines1662665.00-6Perfect, videos hang a little

These games work, but there're some troubles                              
GTA: LCS61603335.00-6Good, but laggy
GTA: VCS61603335.00-6Good, but laggy
Midnight Club LA Remix61603335.00-6Good, but laggy
Super Stardust Portable-76-5.00-6Becomes very slow

These games don't work, or there're some real troubles                  
Killzone Liberation---5.00-6Laggy sound, frameskipping,
corrupted picture
Motorstorm: Arctic Edge6066-5.00-6Missing geometry,
endless loading

Picodrive 1.51b10763335.00-6Perfect
NetFront Internet Browser beta461763335.00-6Normal, a little laggy.
Hard to read text in FS2
PSPTube 1.9--3335.00-6Doesn't work,
it has own tv out
Adhoc File Transfer10603335.00-6Perfect
PSPDisp 0.2---5.00-6Corrupted picture
Русификатор 5.00m33-610762225.00-6Perfect
MC-25 Mickey Mouse10762225.00-6Perfect
IM-02 Nu Pogodi10762225.00-6Perfect

Update your PSP to 5.00 FW and you will get an official Sony's SDTV-out support for PSX games. It's perfect.

Category: FuSa v1.0.xx(b) | Added by: Marsi4eg (2009-06-02)
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22 dannu  
Running 5.03 gen c ?

21 Pain  
Why is it in Black and white my picture?? Is the problem with the plug-in or the cable?? In any case Fusa works perfectly with Gundam, except for the color....I can't play it well without color...why is it black and white??

20 herp derp  
by the way, does anybody else have problems running snes9xtyl with fusa? I'm getting and extremely low framerate and it makes the games unplayable. any help would be appreciated.

19 herp derp  
@ Accidently becoming tester

I've had the same problem, but dante's inferno DOES work. you just gotta switch fusa off and switch it back on. I'm pretty sure that's what you need to do. If it still doesn't work than maybe take the plug out and try it again. anyway, i did manage to get it working. you just need to fiddle with the plugin a little bit. Although Gotube has the same problem, but i can't manage to fix it at all.

18 js_software  
Thats great!!! but i have one problem... emulators doesn't work! Snestyl, GBA, nothing. The pops too, I can't play ps1 games on my TV with FuSa... why?

17 iw1sh  
tested all gen d3 final slim

silent hill shattered memories: works great in game , severe pixelation on cutscenes and lag
phantasy star portable 2: barely works , lag lag im ok nope an enemy appeared lag lag lag
guilty gear xx accent core +: black screen after psp splash

ill keep updating forum for any1 who finds this

16 iw1sh  
thx for the update gonna try it now ill post more working games later

15 dre-x  
it also works almost perfect with silent hill shattered memories but some cinematic are slow but too few to consider, also pixel junk monster deluxe works perfect

14 tester  
Motorstorm Arctic Edge work very nice on CFW 5.50 GEN-D3. Everythings ok with geometry and etc.

13 dre-x  
nba2k10 works perfect with fullscreen 2 even in adhoc
shadow of memories also works perfect

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