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FuSa v1.0.45b
[ Download from this server (110.4 Kb) ] 2008-07-04, 0:04 AM
  • Fullscreen mode 2 was added (REAL FULL SCREEN!)
  • You don't need dvemgr.prx now
  • Now you can just hold RIGHT and LEFT buttons while setting up FPS/priority - values will scroll automaticly
  • NEW: menu hotkey was added - hold R-TRIGGER while setting up FPS/priority - 10x scroll speed
  • And a few code improvements
P.S.: SRY, but readme files are from 43th :)
Category: FuSa | Added by: Andy_maN
Views: 12879 | Downloads: 5624 | Comments: 15 | Rating: 5.0/4 |
Total comments: 131 2 »
13 JEAN  

12 Trookie NL  
Ik hoop dat hier nederlanders komen die mijn even kunnen helpen?
Ik heb net een niewe psp gekocht en v4.05 er op gezet en een cable gekocht om games via de de tv te kunnen doen maar dat werkt dus echt niet GRRR
Wat moet ik nu allemaal doen zo dat ik dat wel kan? ik heb geen hdtv.
alvast bedankt
je kan me ook mailen als je op me naam klik

Hope someone can help me.
I have a new psp lite and v.4.05 installed and a Av-S Cable Psp Slim & Lite but can not see the games on my tv.
Iám a psp noob so please help me so i can see my games on my normal tv (not a hdtv).
You can mail me click on my name.

Thanks to the boys/girls who made this biggrin

Answer: CWF is required!
installation process:

11 brandon  
The system software it has now is the version 4.05.
Can i still get fusa to work or play games on tv?

10 brandon  
i just bought a new psp with the video hook up. I have followed all the steps that i have been told but cant seem to get into the "recovery mode". I also got the new network update for the psp, could that be stopping me? If not, how do I get fusa to work?
Answer: I suppose you have official FW while CWF is required

9 jayce  
I retract the last statement I made. Ive got it working but seems slow with daxter and pimp streamer but works enough for this to be an awsome addon for my psp! All I did was delete some plugins that I didnt use, deleted the seplugins folder made a new one and added the prx files I wanted and it worked!! thanks for this!

8 jayce  
I too would love to see this work with cfw 1.04 m33-2 as I use pimpstreamer and love to watch movies streamishly <--lol on my tv upstairs while my puter is downstairs.

7 German  
Hi! First of all you are great to create the fusa!!
But I have a problem...the plugin fusa doesn't work fast...I prove fusa with this games: Virtual tennis 3, winnin eleven ubiquitous, dragon ball shin budokai 2, sega rally, raibow six las vegas, rocky balboa, burnout dominator, nba 08, and other games for play 1.
It could be that I did anything wrong?

thanks a lot..

6 Andy_maN  
Lo siento, no hablo español, en todo caso, gracias smile

5 new_fray007  
perfecto, mis agradecimientos a este gran equipo por su trabajo

4 cxc  

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