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Main » 2008 » July » 27 » FuSa screenShoot!
FuSa screenShoot!
4:50 PM
As you know there will be no more option "grab vram" in b47 and futher updates.

This PRX will be useful if you wanna take a screenshot of "real screen".

So you can use it with FuSa instead of grabvram+RVV.

-You can also assign your own button or buttons combo with help of ConfiguratoR (Win32 version included in this package)
-Picture will be saved in the "PICTURE" folder

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9 артём  

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8 klackk  
does a vista 64 compatible version of ConfiguratoR exist if yes could you tell me where to get it?

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7 AJ  
Can you provide a walk through, everytime i do something which i think is right, nothing seems to work =(

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6 nachoaddict  
Can you walk me throught he steps in doing this? Sorry but I'm really unexperienced with fusa stuff and plugins but I do have CFW version 5.00 m33

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5 alec  
how do i install it?
Answer: Like any other plugin

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4 meta  
i configurate the note button to take the screenshots, and the ConfiguratoR program create a file named "scrht.key" but doesn´t work. it only takes screens with "+ and SELECT" what can i do? the file is well called?? because in the readme says that the file is config.key
Answer: FuSa screenShoot! doesn't use config.key it uses scrht.key
-must be my mistake in readme sad
And don't forget it's for 3.80+ FW

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3 Nathanias  
I don't understand what you mean by "real screen"

Does this take a picture of the TV's screen itself or what?

Answer: "real screen" is active frame buffer
Other plugins, which take scrshts, always take a scrsht from the 3-d frame buffer (they don't scan other buffers).
It's not hard to figure out this thing - just try to take a picture of "Home (Exit) screen" with help of any other plugin ^^

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2 poec  
Doesn't work for me, I've enabled the plugin, changed the combo buttons and nothing, Im using 3.71 m33 sad
Answer: Your FW is too old.
All our software requeres 3.80+ fw

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1 Ximenes  
Great but make the screenshots go into Pictur folder...

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