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Main » 2008 » August » 5 » FuSa SD v1.0.47b release
FuSa SD v1.0.47b release
0:56 AM
OK, this is final release of build 47, it has a lot of changes listed below. 


  • New SpeeDBooster now compatible with all PSone games
  • New hotkey (Disable\Enable plug-in)
  • Configuration file
  • Adjustable hotkeys
  • Adjustable screen position
  • No more "grab vram" option (use FuSa ScreenShoot! instead of it)
  • New docs (pdf)
Package includes ENGLISH and RUSSIAN versions.


I suppose, other languages will be available soon.
If you wanna translate it, visit this page


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30 anuekr  
i got it from israeli site and i wondered if it supports 5.02 GEN-A

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29 BeWrong  
there's still no new updates or reply on how to get some games faster sad
Answer: Tekken doesn't work fast cuz SpeeDBoosteR isn't completed for PSP games yet

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28 BeWrong  
there are still lag problems concerning tekken and monster hunter, what's the reason for this?

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27 Sakuma  
Hey, could you please make a widescreen version, then would be good to play in any tv without expanding the screen too much =o

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26 paulbogart  
anyone bricked their SLIM using this?? just curious....

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25 Dave  
where do you put fusa to get it to work. got a psp slim

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24 fungusinmymilk  
awesome, downloading now

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23 JB  
Is there any way to boost the speed of my favourite game? Tekken Dark Ressurection.. Thanks!
Answer: Currently - nope sad

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22 swan45  
Good work people works great! smile

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acho que a prioridade é acertar a velocidade 100%. Nos games 2D percebemos mais fácil.

I think the priority is the speed hit 100%. In 2D games easier to understand.

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