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As you know CFW 5.0 M33 already has interlaced output for PSOne
Sony has finally understood how stupid they are ^^
At any rate I'm happy that now even OFW can run PS1 games in interlaced mode, and that means that we don't need care about it anymore (PS1 games support for FuSa_SD)

So I wanna say that further versions of FuSa SD won't have SpeeDBoosteR which is PS1one compatible, if you wanna play Ps1 games just upgrade to 5.0 (M33 certainly ^^)
I also don't think that we'll support older firmwares in future.

This is updated FuSa SD which is compatible with 3.80 m33 - 5.0 m33 firmwares
DOX aren't included lol (Cuz there are no big changes, except that SpeedBoosteR doesn't support Ps1 games)

I have no language files, so I'll release only English version.
Need additional langs? - ask... you already know whom

UPD: I've included 9 languages into this package (Andy_maN) ... Read more »

Views: 22258 | Added by: OldPrisoneR | Date: 2008-10-19 | Comments (23)

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